Chacchoben place of the red Maize

For many years Chacchoben, remained silent as evidence of the greatness of one of the most brilliant civilizations of the new world. Today, Chacchoben has become the most visited ruins site in Costa Maya.

Explore Chacchoben's ritual heart, a space once reserved for elaborated religious ceremonies and now yours to discover, experience the world of the ancient Maya and feel their vision while you enliven your senses with the sounds of nature.

Chacchoben Ruins Tours

Find out the advantages of touring Chacchoben with a native guide. Our Chacchoben Ruins Tour has been carefully planned for cruise ship and hotel guests visiting Costa Maya. Tours to Chacchoben can also be combined with other activities to fill your day with a great adventure.

Chacchoben's secrets

To this day, only a portion of the site is open to the public, many temples of Chacchoben are still in their natural condition covered with vegetation awaiting for their turn to be restored and reveal their secrets.

Chacchoben's surrounding jungle is characterized by many species of fauna such as, deer, peccary, armadillo, gray fox, spider monkey and howler monkey. Deeper into the jungle it's possible to find species like jaguar, ocelot, puma and tapir.

Chacchoben History

First human settlements in the area of Chacchoben have been dated at around 1000BC. By 360AD Chacchoben had become the largest comunity in the region of the lakes and consolidated as the most prestigious ceremonial center boasting Gran Basamento as its most important ritual plaza.

Today, Temple One, soaring above the canopy of the tropical forest, still expresses the glory of Chacchoben's ancient sophistication.

Touring Chacchoben

Chacchoben Ruins, is located 90 KM West of Costa Maya, that is only a 50 minute ride from the Costa Maya Port.

Our popular Chacchoben Ruins Tour can be combined with another activity to make the most out of your day. Our options include the Mayan Experience Tour, for an educational and fun adventure, or the Chacchoben Extreme Tour for a refreshing adventure in the crystal clear waters of the Seven Color Lagoon.